Bespoke Champagne Service


We discuss the background of your company and learn about your clientele. Afterwards we come up with a theme for the event. For example, a made-to-measure shirt company would like to highlight new lightweight fabrics for their upcoming Spring/Summer Collection to their top clientele. By exploring the lifestyle of your brand, the theme, demographic and the number of attendees we will put together a wine experience.  In this example the client would pick out a few items they would like to showcase and we would pair a wine to each item taking into account occasion, season, location and accessibility. In essence this is a clothes and wine pairing to showcase a perfect match. 

Proposal Quote

Within 24 hours of the appointment you will receive a quote that is tailored to your event needs and budget. 


If needed, adjustments will be applied to the proposal. The final contract will require a signature for the terms of agreement with a dated prepayment for the event.


The wine shipment will arrive the day of the event to avoid storage complications on your end. We will show up one to two hours before the event to setup, finalize any decisions and tackle challenges that may surface. Normally events last between two to three hours but this is already predetermined in our contract. At the conclusion we breakdown the wine, wine materials and access the event's overall success with you.